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About Said Nuseibeh


Saïd Nuseibeh is an architectural and fine-art photographer who, in 1996, published The Dome of the Rock with Rizzoli. His work has been widely exhibited and reproduced in many fine volumes of architecture and art history. Born in San Francisco, Saïd was raised there and in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He attended BirZeit University in Palestine and graduated from Reed College in Portland, Oregon with a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature.

The recipient of a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship and a Fulbright Senior Scholar grant, he has focused in Arabia—a nexus connecting Greece,  Rome, Africa and Persia. Growing up in the US, Saïd was frustrated by inaccessibility to Islamic high culture –his ostensible birthright. He overcame the barriers and discovered far more beauty than appears in the dismal media representations of Arabs or Muslims. Saïd set out to bring what he knew of contemporary architectural photography to the subject. Perhaps he can make the journey easier, if not more rewarding, for those seekers who follow.

                                               Making pictures that bottle poetry.

Invoking relics of chronologically distant but enduring high culture, Saïd exploits photography’s potential to be a socially and politically engaged art form by sensuously re-energizing peaceful and imaginative engagements.


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